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  • Nicola is one of the most powerful leaders I’ve ever met. Smart, hard-working, heart centered and you’d be hard pressed to locate anyone with her level of talent. She’s the total package when it comes to being a leader in our profession.

    Myron Golden
    Myron Golden
  • Before I met Dame Nicola, I was living a life that was extremely “routine”. My money management was horrible to say the least. I paid my bills on time, and had some fun here and there, but I never saved or invested any money at all. ...Read More

    Yesenia McArthur
    Yesenia McArthur Entreprenuer ink Millionaire Diamond Member
  • Dame Nicola is an amazing coach, speaker and human being. Her ability to bring incredible energy and wisdom to any situation is unlike any I have ever seen. ...Read More

    Ray Higdon
    Ray Higdon CEO, The Higdon Group
  • I love Dame Nicola’s mentorship because it has not only helped me in my business, but it has also helped me in my personal life.

    She’s also been able to help me to achieve massive financial goals through her mentorship as well. ...Read More

    Danekia Smith
    Danekia Smith Mentee and Pink Millionaire Club Diamond
  • I am proud to work with such a great leader! Dame Nicola Smith Jackson is a visionary and continues to make phenomenal moves! Some people watch things happen, others make things happen! Great job!!! Live Wealthy.

    Thomas Dean
    Thomas Dean CPA
  • I highly recommend Dame Nicola Smith Jackson! First, she’s a Godly woman and God is very important to me, because it keeps people humble and grounded. She is also one of the few people I trust and I don’t trust a lot of people. Second is her experience. ...Read More

    Simon Chan
    Simon Chan CEO, MLM Nation
  • Dame Nicola you are an amazing woman. I thank God for the many roles you have played in my life. A great Mentor, spiritual mother, friend and the best cousin. You inspire me so much and I love you dearly.

    Lashaine Dubose
    Lashaine Dubose Mentee and Team Member
  • Dame Nicola is a dynamic leader in our industry. She is a straight shooter, and when she speaks it is all heart, packed with applicable wisdom. Her desire to help others succeed always supersedes her own. ...Read More

    Johnny Green
    Johnny Green Speaker and Network Marketing Expert
  • Before being mentored by Dame Nicola, I was making money, but not clear on properly budgeting, saving and investing. Since joining, I am more focused and have learned to apply the PINKPrint™ system in my life and business.  I also moved into a senior position with my company. ...Read More

    Danielle Carlton
    Danielle Carlton Mentee and Pink Millionaire Club Diamond
  • Larry: Whenever I think about Nicola, I come up with strong feelings every time. I remember when I had the privilege to attend one of her presentations. ...Read More

    Larry & Taylor Thompson
    Larry & Taylor Thompson Business and Network Marketing Consultants
  • Dame Nicola has set high expectations as a true mentor. She is about setting the example and I truly appreciate the personal guidance she has given to me over the years. ...Read More

    Shmiko Cole
    Shmiko Cole Mentee and Pink Millionaire Club Diamond
  • I am simply wowed by the impact that Dame Nicola Smith Jackson has made in my life! She has served as an example for me of what a Godly woman truly is. Our relationship started out with me being her business coach and as she soared through the ranks of entrepreneurism ...Read More

    Trina Newby
    Trina Newby CEO Women About Biz
  • The first sign of a true leader is one that can start all over and do it again from scratch—but will also help others achieve their goals as well. Dame Nicola’s training is great for anyone and not only has it helped me in my business, but her principles have helped me in the game of life! ...Read More

    Robin Robinson
    Robin Robinson Mentee and Team Member
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