Robin Robinson

Robin Robinson

Mentee and Team Member

The first sign of a true leader is one that can start all over and do it again from scratch—but will also help others achieve their goals as well. Dame Nicola’s training is great for anyone and not only has it helped me in my business, but her principles have helped me in the game of life!

I started and failed at nine different network marketing companies. I had some success in 2009 in one company. However, I was not a leader.
 and I also maxed out all my credit cards. I had 3 tax liens and horrible credit. Life was tough.

However, It wasn’t until I was mentored by Dame Nicola Smith Jackson that my life started to change.

 After working with her my entire business changed. I emerged into a leader and with her mentorship, I learned the correct way to build and mentor a large organization.

Eventually I could pay off all my debt (which was in 
the hundreds of thousands). Because of the coaching and mentoring I received from Dame Nicola, I know the impact the right person and leader can have on your life.

 So if you’re struggling, if you feel hopeless in your business or if you just want some extra guidance in your business, it’s a “no-brainer” you need Dame Nicola Smith Jackson!

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