Larry & Taylor Thompson

Larry & Taylor Thompson

Business and Network Marketing Consultants

Larry: Whenever I think about Nicola, I come up with strong feelings every time. I remember when I had the privilege to attend one of her presentations. I was amazed not only by the content, but also by her passion, commitment and belief in the way she wants to take care of her team and clients.

Taylor: When I think of Nicola, I think about her uncompromising values and faith. We are certainly sisters in Christ and we often speak and share in our belief. As a leader, she is always about her faith, being a wife and mom first. Whenever you hear her story, it’s so empowering and her belief system is something that we always teach in our space, which is “if I can do it, you can do it too”. When you look at where she’s come from and what she’s been able to overcome through her faith, with her strength and with her passion, she instills that belief system and empowers those around her and I think that’s what makes her truly humble and open to serve people. So, if you get the opportunity to work with her, don’t miss out because you’ll never be the same!

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