Old School Money Moves You Shouldn’t Make Anymore

Hey, I hope you didn’t miss me too much! Even though I missed you. Everything has been really crazy this past week. I’ve been in Florida hanging out with some of the coolest peeps like my Dad and some of my inner circle masterminds! It’s been AMAZING! 

Before I get into the $100K to a $1 Million in a Day Award I received.  I want to stop and give God gratitude for His grace in our life. These uncertain times are demanding all of us to acquire more wisdom and wealth . 

For all of us life is full of ups and downs. We’ve weathered so many family and friends members with the pandemic virus which has its lingering effect on health and wealth. This hit so close to home for me ! We’ve also had some disappointments too but we are still grateful! Life is just too short to complain or focus on things that just don’t matter much. We have to love and live it to the fullest.

On another note, I’ve been working hard on some projects (Power & Money Conference) and I’m really excited for you to take part in everything that I’ve been preparing. We just had the Pink Millionaire Challenge Family Reunion this last Saturday and I have to say it was just wonderful to get the chance to meet with our community again to celebrate and learn from each other. If you missed that training it’s in the Pink Millionaire Tribe for you! 

We’re prepping for the launching of the SECOND EDITION OF THE PINK MILLIONAIRE CHALLENGE. If you happened to miss it last time, if you’ve seen an improvement in your life and business after the last Challenge, if you’re looking to learn with me the Money Power Moves that you need for your business THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! CLICK HERE TO JOIN.

In the meantime here’s some “Old School Money Moves You Should Stop Doing “…

Put Your Money In a Savings Account Instead… Deposit Your Money in a High Yield Cash Reserve Account to Earn a Higher Interest Rate on Your Money. A high-yield savings account can offer protection of your principal account, the safety of federal insurance and a yield that’s higher than a regular savings account. You must think through how one or more high-yield accounts could serve your financial goals and situation. After doing your research I’m sure you’ll find an account that will maximize your earnings at the same time that it allows you to avoid fees without imposing restrictions that don’t fit your goals.

Use Life Insurance Only When You Die Instead… Create a Family Bank and Use it to Leverage Loans to Buy Assets and Build Wealth. This is a way to invest in the pursuits of your heirs instead of just leaving them money. When starting your family bank, have a clear sense of the purpose of your money. What will it do for you and what do you want from it? In this way you will be able to create your own system for financing your major purchases where you will recapture the principal and interest that you would usually pay and transfer away to others, plus create a legacy of financial stewardship for your family.

Thinking Investing in the Stock Market is Only for The Rich… Instead Start Investing Now… in The Market is for Anyone Who Consumes as Well As Anyone Who Wants to Make Moolah…Remember Time in The Market Beats Timing The Market! 

Thinking You don’t Need Mentors and Professionals to Build Wealth …Mentorship is the Fastest Path to Mastery.  Also, All Smart Pros Have a Coach or Mentor…Only Those Who Don’t Are Those Who Want to Remain Amateurs. Did you know that small businesses that receive mentoring early achieve higher revenues and increased business growth? It’s also proven that businesses that receive mentorship have double the chances to last for 5+ years!

Of course these truths come with lots of love (: I want to offer you the chance to be a pro: registrations for Pink Millionaire Club are still open so you can take part in this new class.

 Join us to connect the dots between the haves and the have nots while building wealth, freedom and impact in your life , business and MONEY .

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See you soon,
Dame Nicola

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