How to Bounce Back from Money Mistakes to Get What God Has For You

How to Bounce Back from Money Mistakes to Get What God Has For You

Did you know that God wants you to be rich? I know this may be a bold or controversial statement but it’s true. Does he want you to worship money or material things? Absolutely not. However, He does command you to be fruitful and multiply what He gives you access to. If you don’t you’ll end up broke no matter how much money you make. It’s a new economy that requires some new types of conversations about money.

God gave us a very clear command to be fruitful and multiply and fill the Earth

Money mistakes are just things that you’re supposed to learn from. They’re not things that are supposed to bring you further down in a slump. They’re not things that you feel sad, bad or mad about. If we look at mistakes simply as challenges for us to make a change, to turn toward what God has for us, we will get over it much faster.

This is one of the common mistakes that I have not only experienced but I see people make over and over, which is something as simple as not having a clear and concise vision for your life and that includes your money and business.

When someone else gets to decide how much you earn, what else they’re deciding?

Yes, I said business because when you let others decide how much you will be earning you don’t just let them decide that. They’re deciding where you and your family live, where you and your family eat, shop, what you drive. They’re deciding what day you worship probably and what day you don’t. They’re deciding your life. So this is why I am an advocate for business because in a business with a clear vision a person can create and continue to be fruitful and multiply as long as it’s within the person’s will.

Talking about multiplying your money, are you an investor yet?

Did you know that when you hear the tip ‘you must have multiple streams of income” that does not have to mean multiple jobs or businesses that require your labor or time but it does require your dimes? You might have to work hard for a season but God did not intend for you to work hard until you go home to Glory!

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