Golden Keys to Unlock Purpose that Pays

The way to True Freedom is to “Unlock Purpose That Pays”.  This is a pathway that can eradicate the feeling of inadequacy and the need to compete  with others.  For this is a useless way to distribute time , talent and treasure.  Wouldn’t you rather compete with yourself to intentionally increase your cash flow and move into your best self in the process? . 

Many of the challenges most people have in life, money, and your business, boil down to some simple things. One of them being you forgot who you are.  As well you might have forgotten who created you. Ephesians [2:10] is confirmation that God created you as His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

Now, these Truths are easily lost as you are trying to build a business or finances in this noisy world that aligns with who you are as a person. The good news is it’s still possible to live Biblical Principles and thrive in the new economy.  In my experience of nearly two decades of pursuing my purpose I’ve discovered there are just a few key things anyone can implement to walk in their purpose and get paid real well for it also!  

Here are 4 Freedom tips that can lead you into purpose that pays: 

Intention- This is the first key to any level of success. Having a clear vision and expectation for everything you do can work wonders if you want results.  You would want to implement this with everything you have access to or ownership of.  This is actually what purpose is all about. If you were to take inventory of your most valuable resource (time) how would you rate your daily activity?  How much of your day is intentionally moving you closer to a manifested vision? If you were to ask yourself this question every day it could be worth at minimum a 6 figure raise sooner than you think. 

Renovation – When you think about the word renovation, you’re building on something that’s already there. It’s defined as an improvement or update to something. It also refers to modifying or building on something that already exists. Self Renovation is vital to discovering your power and working on who you really are.   If you commit to staying on this road to self discovery it helps you create riches in all areas of life.  One of the biggest mistakes many make is instead of discovering or developing what God has already placed on the inside them they may try to reinvent. This many times can create more harm than help . It may result in breakdowns vs breakthroughs trying to redo what God already said was good. 

Innovation- Life , business and money has been tough for many coming out of a pandemic and now going into an inflationary economy, but it doesn’t have to be .  All of these are easier when one is able to allow their past to be their teacher instead of their master.  Allowing change to move them forward instead of stagnation or worse regression .  Innovation is an answer turn what was’t working into a phenomenon . It’s a new idea or concept, which usually makes life easier. Anything that does that can be a money maker ! 

Appreciation- Being grateful for good and bad experiences are a game changer for those seeking purpose. It can allow you a winner’s perspective knowing that all things work for the good of those who love God and it’s a testimonial for purpose.  Yes, you may have to experience pains and disappointments but appreciating the lessons is where you really learn .  It’s and important piece to the “big picture of life “ 

Application of these keys will help you accept change where most people would prefer that things stay the same.  If things stay the same forever nothing or no one would grow.  It’s extremely important that one should always invest in growth .  This requires the right to exposure , education and execution.  This requires sowing seeds. One the best gift that God has given us is to be able to sow seed before it becomes a tree. I’m gonna tell you that’s a gift you want to always pray for. 

Those who grow in the Word of God, (I’m not talking about only those who go to church) and become courageous to do what the Word says they become unstoppable. 

Those who invest  in themselves for growth from the inside out will become the most powerful and profitable now and in the future. 

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