How to Have A Very Merry Christmas

You can see the lights glistening, the air getting colder and you know the day is finally near! This week we celebrate one of the best holidays of the whole year, the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Although the holidays are marketed in a way that it’s all about the gift giving, cooking, time with family and friends. However, very rarely are we seeing or hearing about what Christmas is really all about. The indescribable Gift that God gave to the world, Jesus.  

Although family time is also a beautiful gift and we all love giving and receiving beautiful presents. It’s very important to remember the true meaning behind the holiday with a small Bible passage:

 The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.. John [1:14].

Christmas is a time for spiritual reflection on the most fundamental parts of our faith as well as the power and authority that we were given here on earth. These truths are ones that we should never forget about. With Christmas we celebrate the biggest act of love from God from when he put his son on Earth to save us from our sins but let’s not forget that He wasn’t only born for that.

The Gift also included us being joint heirs as children of God with Christ. This allows us to live an empowered, fulfilling and abundant life.  Sometimes the spiritual essence of the holiday is forgotten amongst the pursuit for material gain. There’s much confusion among Christians about how Christmas should be celebrated especially with so many options and losses many families have endured over these past few years. The tasks of taking care of loved ones , running around to find gifts for everyone with hopes of not forgetting anyone on the list. In the meantime worrying about uncertainty of your financial future can be stressful.  My take on this is , just keep it simple. There is freedom in Truth especially with yourself! Let’s remember that abundance is the absence of scarcity so don’t get caught up in FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Instead, get immersed and be generous with being fully present when spending time with family and real friends. Let the grace and goodness of God rejuvenate you as you prepare for your next best season in all areas of life.

You deserve to be happy and you deserve abundance! This is the season to celebrate how much God loves us that he gave His Son. This means celebrating life to the fullest with what and who matters most. 

If you enjoyed and received value from this article, please feel free to share with others. Have a beautiful Christmas and may God bless you and your family into this new year! 

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Best wishes,

Dame Nicola.

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