7 Ways to Create a Strong and Profitable Online Presence

Did you miss me? I hope you had a beautiful holiday with your family and loved ones. My Thanksgiving was wonderful as ever with delicious food and a great time with my family. I’m pretty sure that right now your inbox is filled with Black Friday offers and Cyber Monday deals, I know mine is. Listen, I want to talk about something very important because most entrepreneurs are struggling when it comes to creating a strong online presence that’s actually profitable. This could really make the difference of making or breaking the bank while building a business. It really comes down to creating a platform that customers enjoy visiting which means it must have a little variety of valuable, engaging and empowering content before your prospective customers pull out the cash or card to make a purchase. 

Even though a website or a marketing campaign are necessary for you to start making money, you have to think about those filled inboxes and ask yourself what does it take to be noticed in an offer-saturated, crowded cyber world?

In this article, I’ll share some strategies you can use to build a strong online presence:

  1. Create a Business Website That’s Mobile Friendly. No matter what business you run, it needs a website. Your website is simply your digital storefront. People are on the internet almost exclusively on their phones, so always make sure that it not only looks amazing bringing out the essence of your brand but that it’s easy to navigate and functional on both desktop and mobile mode.
  2. Build a Funnel. Simplify the customer journey and review your sales strategy’s performance step by step. This will amp up your conversion rate and get all the information you need to sell your products or simply generate traffic on your site in an automated way. My favorite funnel software is ClickFunnels (click here for a FREE 2 month trial). This software also offers templates that can be used even if you’re not technically savvy. 
  3. Build an Email List. Email marketing still is one of the top ways to connect and share value with your audience. It’s crucial to drive traffic to your website and social media with the intent of capturing leads. By building your own list you can increase frequency of engagement with your audience with creative, personalized emails anytime you want without the algorithms of social media platforms interrupting your flow. A few great resources for email campaigns are Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign. They give you more than the ability to send emails. You can also create beautiful sales pages as well to help people get on your email list faster. 
  4. Boost Your Site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization Strategy). If you want to be on the top Google results when you search the type of business you’re doing. You have to start making small improvements to position yourself in organic searches. It’s best to learn more about adding better SEO to your site. I recommend getting an expert to help with things like adding pixels to your site so when you get interested visitors you can keep in touch without being salesy. 
  5. Have a Social Media Presence. You can do pretty much everything in social media from attracting customers to increasing traffic to your website. Make sure you master one of them at a time and produce attractive and engaging content for your audience. If your content doesn’t produce engagement you will be throwing work and money away. Stand out in the digital crowd by having irresistible headlines or titles to your post, add call -to-actions. Also , if you really want to add a boost to your feeds ; collaborate with influencers. Most platforms encourage this.  Instagram actually added a way where you can tag creators in your posts to allow them to share your content without the DM requests. They can simply accept or reject the collaboration.  Big audiences trust their recommendations of their influencers so it can really help build your reputation.
  6. Get Featured in Magazines. Having your name and story featured in notable publications is a great way to gain credibility and visibility for your business. This helps you build you a reputation of being an industry figure and some experts believe it can assist you getting the highly coveted blue check on Facebook and Instagram. Of course this is not the only way to be taken seriously online but it won’t hurt it either. 
  7. Get An App. If you want to take it a step further from websites, an app can help you customize every little detail of your customer experience and improve it. You can even have both a website and app  at the same time. As I stated earlier the mobile world has taken over and it’s not stopping now. So, you may as well get with the program . Yes, it’s sometimes a pricey investment but it’s digital real estate that can make it super easy to navigate throughout your content. Giving you the ability to connect with your tribe in a moment’s notice . I have definitely jumped on the app bandwagon by recently launching the Pink Millionaire App. The feedback has been powerful. I have combined access to my 5-Star Podcast and Training for free.

In closing, there are a few more ways to create a strong and profitable online presence not mentioned here. However, these strategies can definitely give you a great start. If you want to learn more strategies, don’t want to miss the opportunity to be one of the first people to get notice of my eBook Secrets to a Strong Digital and Profitable Online Presence. I will be dropping it real soon. If you found any of these strategies useful, click here to sign up for the Pink Millie Newsletter and you will automatically be added to the waitlist for the eBook release. 

If you found this information useful feel free to share with anyone for their business. 

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