How To Become A Better You in 2022

2021 was definitely a year to remember, a year that will definitely be noted in our world history books. More than likely your children’s children will have to learn and take school exams about what you are witnessing and experiencing today. All while the new world history unfolds in front of our faces your personal history is being created simultaneously.  I am sure some will say “I’m glad it’s over” and yet others who hit monumental milestones as a result of maximizing the tough moments will say “I want to ride this wave a little longer.” Depending on which is true for you may determine your opinion but the facts and main points are that 2021 is done and time waits for no one.

I am sure it’s been a tough year in some shape or fashion for most. I myself have endured many tests and tribulations these past months -such as losing loved ones, others who are very close to me suddenly becoming critically ill, phishing and identity theft attacks and the hacking of my Instagram page. With all that drama I am still utterly grateful to God to enter another year. The fact that God still granted me life, I am determined not to let any of those obstacles slow me down in this new year. 2021 was a year that tested my faith and mental toughness but I am better for it. This past year’s events are all the more reason to prove to the past that I was built to last. I firmly believe that the end of one season is the beginning of something new. It’s another opportunity to upgrade any area of life that needs improvement. It’s another opportunity for all of us to move forward and upward. I know becoming a better you is easier said than done. This is why I want to share 3 simple tips on how to make 2022 the year to upgrade you. 

Be honest and gentle with yourself. The truth can hurt. Although we need to be aware of our mistakes or decisions that proved undesirable results, they should be used to further our growth, not hinder progress. Being highly critical of yourself can affect your self esteem and belief. It’s important not to avoid reflection because chances are there are some things that you did right or had the intention of better outcomes. Give yourself a little more credit. In every wrong there is always enlightenment. There is potential purpose and profit in every challenge.  Some of the most successful people will admit their failures had a lot to do with their fortunes. Always treat yourself as if you are worth another opportunity to get it right. Come from a place of love and abundance with the gift of gentle honesty.  What’s the use of lying to yourself or worse being excessively harsh with yourself? This can create false intent and procrastination to get back on the horse and ride the wave of self discovery and or mastery? Don’t get stuck in the same place this year because of fear of past failure. Acknowledging mistakes can be the gateway to better yourself. Always remember that absolutely no one is perfect. Learn to self correct without invalidation. Celebrate with gratitude in the midst of course correction while working toward achieving your goals.

Create realistic plans and goals through journaling. We must be ambitious and creative with our plans, know what’s happening around us and what can actually be done. Unrealistic goals are usually ditched within the first months of the year because they become overwhelming and make it hard to perceive the progress you’re making. You can also break big goals into smaller goals to keep your focus and get to where you want to get. Be aware of yourself and don’t let anybody else tell you that you can’t do something you’ve set your mind to achieve! Building belief takes practice and must be worked on to become habitual.

Journaling Daily is a gamechanger to creating and reaching goals. Keeping track of your goals through journaling is an amazing and  effective accountability strategy that can create consistent progress. Asking yourself questions that motivate you to action while taking note of progress can help. Also in the tracking process you can take note of obstacles and distractions as well. The Power Moves journal has helped so many entrepreneurs uplevel their life and meet their goals. Here are five questions that may help you journal to a better you this year:

  1. What are some achievements that would make me feel fulfilled and proud of myself this year? 
  2. What areas of my life, business or money do I need to stretch myself more in 2022? 
  3. What are my biggest challenges and who or what do I need to know to turn my challenges into opportunity? 
  4. How much money do I want to earn this year and what will this increase in income change things for the better in my life or business?
  5. How will I make an impact in the life of others while achieving my goals?

Focus on Daily Implementation. No matter how much information you acquire without implementation there is stagnation which could lead to disappointments. Be sure to respect the law of sowing and reaping. To be better you must be willing to work for what you want in life and business. Goals look good on vision boards, written down on pretty notepads or journals however it is much better to experience the fruit of honest labor. Don’t look for permission from others to level up your life. This is your time to leap not just forward but upward. If you are not intentional about growth it will be inevitable to miss your goals. Meeting your goals can reap rewards of buying valuable time with God and your families. Don’t be afraid and allow yourself to do better by creating a brighter future in 2022. 

Happy New Year and many blessings to you and your family.

Dame Nicola.

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