How to Go From Labor to Leverage for the Life You Really Want

Hi Empire Builders,

It’s Dame Nicola! Happy Labor to Leverage Day!

I’m back again in your inbox to wish you a beautiful holiday, but you know me so you’re probably already suspecting that I’m also reaching out to share some tips and tricks to help get you closer to your goals and live the life you REALLY want!

This is especially important since we as a nation are celebrating Labor Day. First, we give honor for the contributions and achievements of all American workers because without work no one can win.

This also means summer is officially over! For those who may live in the Northern part of the country, you may also stop wearing white clothes until next spring! So, I hope you enjoyed the parties, street parades and athletic events.

On another note, I want to invite you to break some of your traditions around this holiday to stop settling for a day off and start positioning yourself for Labor to LEVERAGE Days! These are days where the money you worked for is working harder for you than you do!

After all, Labor Day became a Federal holiday as a result of the labor movement in 1864! Can you believe it ? That was in the 19th Century and we are now in the 21st Century. So much has changed about working for wages since then…As well as some things have remained the same … It’s time to switch some things up for the better . Times have advanced when it comes to labor . For instance, I went to a seafood joint recently where our waiter was a robot ! This is definitely a sign that our thinking about labor may be a little outdated. Many of the jobs that would’ve a person’s first gig fill in between loss of jobs will be replaced by mobile computers that don’t need any sick or vacation days nor will they complain they are too tired to give good service.

Also, in case you haven’t noticed we are far along into the digital age which is speeding everything up; this will shorten the labor years . You will longer have to work until you are too old and tired to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Nor would you have work until you die IF you give focus to LEVERAGE.

I want you to take a moment and imagine your life when you don’t have to wait on your boss or the government to tell you what day to celebrate or take a break. I am talking about the days when you can take a week or even a month off and you still earn more money than when you labored for hours , days and weeks then still fall short on financial responsibilities and funding your Dreams!

Can you imagine how you would feel looking at your balanced and diversified portfolio knowing your money is compounding and working harder than you ? To put the icing on the cake, about God saying “Well done thy good a faithful servant, since you have been faithful over a little , I want to give you more!?”

Sounds good right ? Well, you deserve all of what I described above. It’s all available to you IF you REALLY WANT IT . But to access this life you will have to make some Power Moves that’s working for today’s economy not for the 1800’s. If you are feeling stuck and not earning enough money or your business isn’t profitable. This may be primarily due to the fact that you are not learning and implementing the Power of LEVERAGE. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t mastered Leverage yet as many are in this same position . However, just know that ignoring the implementation of Leverage is preventing you from moving forward in life , money and businesses.

Be encouraged and get involved in opportunities to LEVERAGE in all areas that matter to you . This will also help you fast forward overcoming challenges and obstacles as well .

At each challenge or obstacle you encounter , you can choose to either to struggle with the limitations of your own Labor or to LEVERAGE to move faster , simpler and easier. You will succeed if you resolve to rise to the challenge of LEVERAGE instead of sitting on the sidelines of life hoping someone will fix things that only you can decide to change . Here’s some strategies so you can start LEVERAGING what you labored for and start building your Empire:

Identify Obstacles. Determine exactly what’s standing between you and LEVERAGE . Sometimes it is just a matter of making a list of what help you need. It may also be getting rid of limiting beliefs that labor without LEVERAGE is the way of yesterday not today. When you think about LEVERAGE what negative thoughts come into your mind? Write them down and fact check whether it’s true or not . Go through the list and ask yourself how you can overcome each challenge and start LEVERAGING to get more done in less time and labor.

Educate Yourself. Learn all you can about LEVERAGE this the better equipped you’ll be with your Time , Talent and Treasure. For instance , the Power of Compounding. Albert Einstein said it’s the eighth wonder of the world! People who know this get paid hand over fist and those who don’t pay until they are broke.

Seek Advice. Do you know anyone who has achieved the goals you’re setting out to accomplish with Leverage ? Ask that person for a meeting. Talk to them about how they got to where they are today. What mistakes have they made? What worked and what didn’t? Your mentor may point out obstacles you haven’t thought about.

Hire a Coach. By hiring someone to coach or mentor you is what people who are serious about hitting goals and up leveling their mind and money do. It’s smart to leverage Other People Knowledge (OPK) because mentorship is the fastest path to mastery.

Invest the Money you Earn. Money never takes days off .. yes literally MONEY NEVER TAKES A VACATION. While you may have lounged around on the holiday , money was happily working for those who properly manage and money . Remember “why.” you labor in the first place … FOR FREEDOM.

Take a few minutes to write down all the benefits of becoming a person who LEVERAGE. What will your life be like? How will you feel about yourself? How will your quality of life improve? How will the lives of your loved ones be better? Read through your list daily for motivation.

P.S. I want to congratulate everyone who joined The Pink Millionaire Challenge then took the next step to join the Pink Millionaire Club Class of 2021. You have been learning how to make more money and LEVERAGE the money you make. I feel very proud of each and one of you, Pink Milli! You are taking action and achieving mind blowing milestones and it’s just the beginning!

If you haven’t joined the club yet and want to learn more about The Pink Millionaire Club to see if it’s a good fit to help you reach your goals, go to to apply.

Love and Success,
Dame Nicola

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