How to Show Not Tell Your Kids How to Win

Is life really what you make it?  Well if you take a much deeper look life is lived by what you learn “un” learn.  This week we talked about life and some things we may want to teach our next generation. It’s no secret we are in a digital Information Age. It has become harder for parents to have significant influence with their children, ultimately making it more difficult for other elders whether teachers, babysitters, coaches and even police to get respect with children today . Well you may be reading this and saying , “I don’t have any children”, that may be the case but at the end of the day, it’s our next generation and it does matter how we transition power to them. It should be everyone’s responsibility that they win in probably  the darkest season this world has seen where everything is glittery and exposed.. 

We really have to admit the information that our kids have access to can be confusing for them to know who or what to trust . Young adults and children are much like the “Show me state of Missouri” . You have to show “receipts” or proof if you want to weigh in on their thinking.  Trust me I totally get it , no parent is exempt.  My kids are no different where it’s taken a long time (in my counting) for my sons to really understand what we’ve been building and the impact we are making for their future.  We have been consistent with the “live what you teach” principles in our home (imperfectly).  Meaning that Robert and I allow the children to see us make it through challenges, upsets but they don’t see us sway from the Kingdom way. 

No where in the Bible does it promise us that we won’t go through trials and tribulations. We don’t want to be so heavenly bound that we are no earthly good as well.  As a matter of fact The Word prepares and warns us that problems are inevitable. However, while we go through we can’t provoke our kids to wrath with our actions .  It’s ok to let our kids see us get better in every area of our lives.. 

To keep it 💯 we can not and will not be around our kids at every waking hour. That’s not how God set us up to grow.  So, it’s more important to display daily what it means to be human but without excuses or lying, blaming others for things we know we can control. Actually, I want my kids to make mistakes just like I did but with them understanding how to bullet proof their thinking and by them understanding the benefits and rewards of wearing the “Full Armor of God “.  

We have to teach them the principles of leadership and stewardship.  Letting them see the benefits of a lifestyle of freedom and autonomy to make decisions that will enhance them not take away from Godly principle while still enjoying life . This idea that Kingdom life limits your fun , money and relationships can only be changed by our kids seeing us having fulfilled lives no matter the economic conditions.  We have to position our children to have reverence for the Word of God, but in a different way than we grew up. We don’t need to be ashamed  if our kids don’t do the right thing or deal with the bumps of life. That may have worked for some people, but it will not work in this generation. Actually, this is why some adults are always looking for acceptance from others rather than self actualization through the opinion of others rather than guided and Godly time tested principles.   

Here’s 3 things we can do for the next generation:

Raise them to dominate the future. This is not the religious generation, but it definitely can be the Kingdom generation. The battle between what we would call good and evil has happened since the beginning of time. But the challenge was we have not focused on equipping the next generation for that. We’ve been talking a lot about the wealth transfer, money being transferred, but wealth is not only money. It’s the mindset, it’s taking responsibility with accountability. They have to be stronger, but they’re only gonna get as strong as what they see, not what they hear. Whoever teaches this first to your kids is gonna win the influence, not only over your children, but your children’s children. So there’s a mandate for all the adults to level up. We don’t need to be afraid to have our children watch us level up, because that’s exactly what they’re going to have to do, not just when they’re looking for a promotion from their job. 

Teach them not to major in the minors. We have to have our children preoccupied in growing their gifts and contributing by collaborating without compromising their values. This is good stewardship.  Let them learn how to play on a team. We have to work with them on not being covetous. The hateration has become a bigger illness than the pandemic causing more crimes than the law allows. We have to edify and start building up their gifts so it’s easy for them to appreciate other people’s gifts. When your esteem is high you feel good being around other high achievers, not as a groupie, but as a contributor, as a peer. You’re not easily intimidated and become busy pursuing your dreams. Can our children see more of this? Can they see us investing in ourselves daily with spiritual and personal and professional development, so we are up-leveling our own gifts? Can they see us correcting things that we know is not taking us closer to our goals of better health ,happiness, fulfillment, and more finances?  This will make positive impact and influence

Show them how to serve. That doesn’t have to start at any particular age or position. We have to teach our kids that The Bible teaches the greatest among us are the servants.  Leadership is serving,  whether it’s as small as, when mom is getting out the car, that the son is opening the door. When she gets home with the groceries she gets help without having to quarrel.  The young lady who serves in her  house and sees how she can contribute before asking for money or things. Now, this isn’t only about the acts of labor, it’s really about the mindset of knowing you have to sow before you reap. This all have to do with what do they see the adults do?  We want a leadership mindset, so it’s natural for them. Somewhere, this has been lost, and I want us as a community to work on this. 

There are some things that are needed in our homes, but they won’t come to our homes unless we bring them into our homes. This is another reason I created the Pink Millionaire Club. To help you level up to make it easier for your kids to understand the importance of being influenced by parents who are growing in a holistic way.  Hundreds of hungry entrepreneurs have already said YES. Just know in this challenge we won’t just talk about problems, we’re going to focus on solutions.  We’re gonna have to decipher the truth from lies, walk in truth while our kids watch us thrive.  Warning, this will challenge your beliefs about life , money and business. All for the purpose of equipping you as we groom the next generation. 

Click the link for the details. It’s filling up real fast.  We don’t have to be afraid of what others are going to teach our children because we will lead by example.  So, I hope to see you Pink Millionaire Club is not just for you, it’s for the whole family to level up.


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