I Dare you to Chase Your Dreams

Tests, trials and tribulations are sometimes painful but they are an essential part of success. Until you have experienced and learned from your nightmares you won’t become committed to living your dreams.  Sharing my vulnerabilities and downfalls with you has become a key to success and drives my passion of helping others to succeed.     I have been tested in the area of pursuing my dreams many times,  I’m not cranky about it either,  I’m grateful for the tests. It helps me keep a clear mind and to strive for better in several areas of life and business. This has also led to me earning more money than I’d imagined until I began to clarify my dreams and chase them.   I can tell you one thing, the human mind is powerful.  Whenever you make up your mind to do something, the impossible becomes inevitable.  The challenge is many are just afraid of making up their mind to do bigger and better things. Whether you would like to admit it . Fear of failure is preventing most people from achieving the next level. Today, I would like to challenge you fear what may happen if you never experience living your dreams.

I dare you to chase your dreams. If you want a bigger and better experience than you have now? You gotta start trusting yourself  and have the confidence to move closer towards people, places and things that are aligned with God’s Word and plan for your life. This means moving away from the things that don’t.  You can’t lose by working a Divine Plan. Here are a few things to help you fast forward into your future and live your dreams.

Take a Look Inside. I read somewhere where Harriet Tubman said “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars, to change the world”. When you read that quote, did it ignite something within you?  It did for me the first and everytime I read it; it’s one of my favorites.  To think she is a powerful woman who was a slave.  She pursued the dream of freedom and acquired it. Then she went back to free others in bondage is telling us that acquiring your dreams starts from the inside . Typically, one may look outside, for the dream that God has already deposited inside. True freedom lies in your imagination, it lies in the spiritual realm. It lies in the area you cannot see physically, but it’s real.  One should strive to visualize and experience their dreams daily. When you become courageous enough to pursue what’s in your mind and it aligns with God’s vision, life becomes more beautiful.  There is a powerful yet simple process involving total imperfection where you look in the mirror for a 10 minute  period until you embrace yourself to be imperfectly perfect. In the Pink Millionaire Club, I guide my Pink Millies through this process called the Mirror Breakthrough Technique.  This is a GAME CHANGER when done the correct way . It’s a step toward living to win rather than living a life of fear , procrastination and regret of never attaining your dream. I encourage you to try it, it’s amazing!

Stop announcing and start doing. We are in the vanity and social media world. One may feel pressured to let people know ahead of time what you are about to do to impress others or not to appear that you are behind the curve of success. Yes it’s true that you need branding and marketing but timing and positioning to these messages are key.  Your branding and marketing message should be strategic for your target market. Also should derive from a vision with a clear mission in order to pursue a dream. You may  not want to start talking about your dreams and start making announcements with no plan of implementation or accountability. You will have set yourself up for things like FOMO, procrastination, unnecessary delays and distractions that can lead to nowhere real fast.  Stop worrying about your competitors and haters. Turn them into your elevators and motivators. By having a positive impact over yourself through continuously working on your mindset you can pursue what you pray for. Start doing what you say. Your actions will speak louder than the words any day.

Invest your seed strategically.  Every fruit first begins with a seed and a seed can only reproduce after its own kind. Let’s keep it real , an orange seed will never produce an apple or vice versa.   Did you know everyone has seeds? Yes it’s true , everyone has a seed, whether time, talent and treasure. You may not have all of them at the same time but depending on what you do with the seed you have determines how much more seed becomes available to you.  The Bible 2 Corinthians [9:10] says God gives seed to the sower and multiplies it when the seed is put to good use.  So, no need in being envious of others or being depressed about what you don’t have at this moment.  Your time is coming faster than you know if you get busy with multiplying seeds and building your dreams !  I have 3 questions for you. First,  do you know what your seed is?  The next question is do you know what to do with your seed ? Lastly, do you know when to sow your seed?  These 3 questions will uncover the mystery of why you may not be living your dream or why you may get stuck while pursuing your dream.  One of the biggest secrets to success is definiteness of purpose, Napoleon Hill goes deep into this in the book Think and Grow Rich.  Knowing clearly what and why you are doing something is transformational for your life, money and business.  This alone can get you out of the rat race and off the hamster wheel and on a path to prosperity. Once these three questions are answered and you implement a plan you will start bearing fruit faster.  Also, once you practice only sowing seed with an intention of multiplying it you will live a life you love. The truth is you are always being fruitful and multiplying it whether you are getting desired or undesired results.  Focusing close attention to actions that bring desired results is the fastest path to your dreams.  Typically, one would need guidance and direction in this area. Sure, the Bible already gives us these answers and through personal development you can have success. However, if you want to accelerate success you need to immerse yourself in a growth atmosphere with a mentor.  

This and many other growth principles and strategies is what we are up to in The Pink Millionaire Club.  It’s a Femme Revolution of Wealth Builders who are making impact in their industries and making power moves with money without compromising their faith. My mind is blown by how many people have answered the call to join The Pink Millionaire Club. This is a dream come true for me, where women begin to understand that their self worth and network equals their net worth. Women all over the world are chasing their dreams and doing  bigger and higher things with the Pink Millionaire Club

To learn more about The Pink Millionaire Club visit us at www.pinkmillionaireclub.com or contact us for a complimentary freedom consultation by clicking here.

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