Do Vision Boards Really Work?

It’s officially 2022 and if you are reading this.. You made it! I am sure that regardless of last year’s outcome you may want a better year this go around. One thing you must understand is that in order to experience success in life, business and money one must be willing to think bigger than their current circumstances. 

Achieving goals is easier when you can imagine what you want in detail. Using your imagination with vivid positive thought is a gateway to getting anything you want. This is a proven strategy to turn thoughts into actual things. Whether you are aware or not your thoughts have been creating things all of your life.  In the famous book Think and Grow Rich, a book written by Napoleon Hill  in the 1930’s reveals this fact after interviewing several of the richest men in the world to date: The quote, “Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve is not just a saying it’s the TRUTH” 

There is a missing piece to the puzzle why many are challenged to experiencing favorable results from positive thought because many people find it difficult to believe what they imagine. Past events, failures or  people in one’s life can become negative influences therefore creating doubt and  dumbing down big dreams. Especially in this unprecedented time of the pandemic coupled with a recession simply does not make it easier to achieve goals. The “new norm” has become the regimen to be faced with bad news delivered daily to your social media feeds or through news outlets. This can easily slow down someone who’s juggling to pursue their big audacious goals while balancing a healthy personal life. Now we are faced with the pressure that a new year should create new opportunities but many find themselves wondering how they will pull off with the weight of these new year’s resolutions with the weight of uncertain times. 

A simple yet powerful tool to bring your dreams to reality is daily visualization. In simplicity visualization is the act of seeing before achieving. This should be done regularly in order for it to be effective. One of the best ways to help you with visualizing what you want is a Vision Board.  Vision Boards are also known as goal boards or goal maps.  Vision Boards are a collection of your desires, personal and professional, represented by photos, affirmations posted on a physical or digital board. These are not new concepts, they have been used for generations.  Super successful people and pro athletes have used visualization to improve their business performance, increase income, win championships and even Olympic medals.  From Billionaire Oprah Winfrey to Michael Phelps who is a 23-time gold medalist admits to using visualization as a key to success. 

How is this possible? It’s been proven that the subconscious mind, the part of the brain that never sleeps, really controls your life.  It does not know the difference between what’s tangibly real and what’s not. This is how someone can instantly recall certain memories as if it’s happening in real time. Many instinctually do this with unpleasant memories however, you can utilize this method of activating  brain patterns to imagine your better future as well. For instance imagining yourself “as if “ you are 30 pounds lighter than you are now. Doing this daily will trigger your brain to actually do the rest of the work to lose the weight like eating better and exercising. I’m not saying you can lose 100 pounds without lifting a finger but I am saying seeing yourself will stimulate you to move toward the goal as well as attract circumstances to achieve the goal faster…  

Now, you may be wondering… Can a vision board really help me to stick to my goals and manifest my dreams? The answer is yes, ABSOLUTELY! I am a living testimony to writing on a vision board and making it plain just as the Bible scripture Habakkuk 2:2-3 tells us to do.  I have personally used vision boards to help me go from an overworked hairstylist to a serial entrepreneur and investor who owns multiple successful businesses. So I decided to share four reasons that may help you understand further why Vision Boards can work for you too.

  1.  It allows you to set your mind on detailed and specific goals. A common mistake in goal setting is their formulation. Some goals are too general and some others are not realistic or measurable. Those are the easy ones to abandon within the first few months of the year because they either become overwhelming or haven’t been visually broken down into smaller milestones.  With a Vision Board you can do just that with pictures, graphs or whatever is a meaningful reminder for you . You can include spiritual, family, career and finances accomplished simultaneously by involving the whole state of the self.
  2.  The visual cues work with your subconscious mind to engage your conscious mind . Our subconscious tends to work in terms of images and pictures, and so your Vision Board should be as visual as you can possibly make it. Supplement the images with phrases and words as needed but don’t forget that a picture is worth 1,000 words. Mental practices as visualization increase motivation and confidence and they get you emitting powerful frequencies into the Universe.
  3.  It triggers emotional responses. Every image on your goal map evokes some type of positive emotional response out of you.   The vision board, when implemented correctly, should utilize all of your senses. The graphics, words and goals will incorporate your sight , hearing , touch, smell etc. This can take using your vision board results to another level. Although we put what we want to achieve in the Vision Board, it actually has a lot to do with what you feel. Seeing it should fuel your motivation to achieve your dreams. If you find the pictures that best represent the goals you wish to achieve, this will be so powerful for your life. If you’re striving for a new car, find the exact year, model and color. When you look at the photo, imagine driving the car with the music on and wind blowing through your hair. You should get the same feeling you get when you think about the  car. 
  4. Vision Boards trigger optimism. Vision Boards are meant to be placed strategically in a location where you receive maximum exposure to it. Seeing your Vision Board preferably day and night or as often as possible will help you stay focused on your goals and dreams. When you’re able to imagine what your best future could look like it creates an atmosphere to become your present. 
  5.  It’s actually meant just for you. Vision Boards are all about you. If you think that you’ll be criticized or forced to justify yourself for your Vision Board it’s not going to serve its purpose. If necessary, keep it in a private location so no one else can view it except you.  If you create your Vision Board from a place of acceptance, honesty and gentleness to yourself, you’ll see how it will work wonders for your life’s goals.


As mentioned above, vision boards do work because they take the thoughts and dreams in your head and turn them into something real and tangible. BUT, they only work for you if you are prepared to work with them. … If you believe in the law of attraction, a vision board will help you to manifest. this tool be whatever you want to make of it. Ultimately, it’s yours to design, develop and utilize as you see fit. You can add to it and change it over time as your goals and focuses change. All it takes are small steps toward your desired future self, and you can achieve the life you deserve!

If you’re looking to create a Vision Board that works, you may be interested in the PINK Milli Vision Board + Vision Movie. It’s not magic, though it sure seems that way. Keep your goals fresh in your mind by using your vision board twice each day. Give it some time , believe and see for yourself how well it works.

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