10 Marketing Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Know

By Nicola Smith Jackson

Hey, Empire Builder!

It’s Nicola.

How’s business? Have you ever had someone ask you that question and you wish you could say “business is booming baby!”  Especially to the haters and doubters. Well, I’ve been there and anyone else who is successful will tell you that focusing on what moves the needle in your business is key. 

The real question is what are the things that really make cash easier , simpler and faster . Is social media the only way these days to make things happen? They are called Key Performance Indicators (KPI). There are several of them but one that keeps most entrepreneurs stuck is MARKETING.  That word that most think is synonymous with “too expensive”. But you can’t really profit in business without it. 

Like everything else marketing has come a long way where you can use very effective tools for affordable prices or even free until you start making money to increase your budget. The focus should always be on how to save time and energy to make more money. So, I want to jump real quick into the subject that became a hot discussion in my last coaching session with the Pink Millionaire Club .  We dived deep into  marketing for entrepreneurs that actually worked . What I discovered is that many are working way too hard and not leveraging tools that make marketing easier . No doubt you have to show up with your best foot forward without costing you an arm and leg to do so. I shared some great resources with them to help them build their Empires and thought to share some of them with you. 

In this digital era there’s so many resources to choose from and to get the best. Some are great and some are crap. So nonetheless I figured to help you out with some of the favorites.  Hopefully you find them useful for your marketing as they have certainly been useful for me and my business.

With this app you’ll be able to schedule social media posts so you can move onto other tasks quicker. 

I know that especially when you’re starting out you may not be able to afford your own graphic designer and even if that isn’t the case, Canva is an amazing tool for quick and easy graphics.

You can design Facebook banners, Instagram story panels and even T-shirts.  It has just about everything in between with this design tool meant to make popping designs accessible for everyone. It’s easy to use and free for many of the templates.

This is perfect if you need to send hand cards to your customers, you can set up automated birthday and anniversary cards so they’re mailed throughout the year or send a follow up thank you after a big purchase. You can organize your contacts in a free address book as well. The cards are beautiful and the paper is 100% recycled! 

This site offers endless possibilities for your email marketing campaigns, segmentation, reports, automations, forms and more. You can set them up for newsletters and email sales too. Because nurturing your prospect and customer lists are crucial to engagement and profits.

This is an awesome tool for you to create fun and unique titles. If you enter your main keyword or product, Portent will give you some title ideas. Headlines to your captions and articles will make the difference if someone reads what you posted or not. 

If you need content creation of a different kind such as articles and blog pieces you have HARO (Help A Reporter Out) where you can just submit a query with the topic you need a piece on using their online system and wait for the responses to pour in.

Did you know that most companies don’t have their own photos produced? Photos take a big part in any content marketing campaign. Unsplash lets you download free licensed images.

ClickFunnels is a comprehensive marketing tool that has been brought to market by expert marketer, Russell Brunson. A funnel (marketing funnel) is a metaphor that explains the process of converting a simple lead (a person potentially interested in the products or services of the business) into a customer, who actually buys one of those products or services.

This app will help you with your inspiration. Here you get to fill your feed with publications that have similar themes and just about anything that you like reading. Look at what others are writing about and see if there are any gaps in the content that you can fill.

It can be difficult to start any marketing campaign without some knowledge of what’s going on behind the scenes with your online business. This Google App will help you get an understanding of where you’re drawing your audience from and what they’re doing once they get to your site before, during and after you begin any marketing campaign.

I hope you find these resources helpful as much as I have and wish you nothing but the best of luck in achieving all your goals! Don’t forget to share with friends and family if you find this useful and let me know your thoughts.

Also, if you want to know more about how to use these effectively to build a loyal audience and become an influential or go to leader in your space join us in our Money Mansion Blueprint course now and start connecting the dots between the have and the have nots with me!

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