How to Overcome Wavering Belief

By Nicola Smith Jackson

It’s officially the 4th Quarter of another year and there is so much to reflect on and look forward to. It’s definitely time to get busy with productivity to make your life beautiful. This year has been far from easy: natural disasters, fires, the pandemic that has taken a toll on the national economy and more than likely on your personal economy as well. With all of that being said these hard times can take a toll on our emotions and faith as well. Wavering belief doesn’t mean you don’t have any faith, it’s the shifting back and forth between believing, being skeptical and even pessimistic at times. However, just like anything else that’s not working in your life, money or business… It’s fixable.  


One of the biggest secrets to fixing wavering belief is focus and practice. These two things can help people of faith work through the temptations that threaten the life that God intends for His people.  If you are struggling with wondering if tough times will last forever just take a look back to all of the things you’ve overcome thus far. 


As an entrepreneur building a business or if you are trying to ascend the corporate ladder it’s important to believe that God’s promises are and will always be true. He is a good God and is faithful to His word! In the Book of Romans [4:21], Abraham (Father of faith)  learned one of the secrets of unwavering faith that we can all learn from. The scripture says he became fully convinced that God was able to do what God had promised. Here’s some advice to help you remain focused and believe unwaveringly:


  1. Trust GodProverbs 3:5-6 tells us to Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. There will be times you may feel that God is in conflict with your human reason, we will be tempted to doubt if God’s Word is relevant to the challenges you are facing in these ever changing times. At times, God may instruct us to do something that seems illogical. However, we should always keep in mind that He is omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all knowing), omnipresent (everywhere at all times) in other words God is not limited and is not governed by the natural laws or human reason. When you rely on this truth .. you too can release your limitations as well because God lives in you and wants to do mighty works through you. This requires overcoming adversity.


  1. Get Your Emotions in Check  I can just say this straight… Get out of your own way.  Many times we give undesirable circumstances too much power.  Many times it’s not the actual situation that’s the obstacle, it’s the perspective and feeling toward the problem. Emotions are energy in motion. So, the worst time to allow your emotions to govern your actions is when you feel things are not going as planned. This may result in lower energy emotions and problems are rarely solved in that state. So create a daily gratitude regimen. You can simply upon opening your eyes and a few times a day write and or say out loud things that you are grateful for. The small and big things can raise your energy and create or reserve high energy before you actually need it.  
  2. Know You Are Worthy – Your past mistakes don’t dictate your future blessings. You may think of yourself as unworthy of the Lord’s favor in your life because of wrong doings. Forgive yourself, forgive others and ask God for forgiveness. There is freedom and healing in forgiveness. It’s difficult to forgive if we allow ego to run our mind but if you allow yourself to release there’s huge rewards. 


  1. Look For The Good In Everything – If you take a closer look at any “bad” thing that’s happened you will realize that there was always something good in the mix too. Whether you were able to see a person for who they really were. You may be forced into some much needed change that was overdue. God is always at work in our circumstances.  God does not always demonstrate how He is working in our situations right away. Sometimes there are lessons that He wants you to learn or strength He needs you to gain for your Kingdom Assignment. 


  1. Seek Wise CounselNegative or inexperienced counsel from others can often be costly. No one knows what is best for you as God does, and no one knows God’s will for your life better than you do. So be careful when listening to others’ advice. Especially from peers or people at the same level spiritually, mentally and financially. It’s always important to stay in touch with those who mean well by you and have higher expertise with proven results and more importantly they follow the same values with good character and integrity otherwise expect more problems than solutions. This can result in stunted growth and the more you stay the same the less faith you will have for things to change for the better. 


  1. Look At The Bigger PictureWe serve a big God so start thinking bigger sooner . Start embracing the fact that change is inevitable and can be a good thing. Don’t major in the minor details of everything and look at the broader scope. When we focus on every detail of everything very little gets accomplished and some smaller circumstances are magnified versus magnifying a solution. Concentrating on our difficulties is a sure way to make them more daunting than they actually are. Instead, we must place our attention on the One who is always infinitely bigger and more powerful than our problems.


  1. Spend More Time With God  – As long as we are ignorant of God’s ways, our faith will continue to stagger. The Lord always operates on the basis of principles. Therefore, the more we understand how He works, the better we will relate to Him. Set a time daily to read or listen to The Word. Also, set time aside for moments of calm and silence. The biggest misconception is that you don’t have enough time to do this .  Remember God doesn’t live in time as we know it; He exists in infinity. You would be surprised how a 10 minute meditation or a 5 gratitude session can work miracles on your faith walk. 


In closing, whether it’s feelings of guilt or shame  about past sins, don’t allow this to impede you from fully trusting God’s will. Making a decision to do your best will always lead to eventual results. Sin short circuits our faith and destroys our desire to build a relationship with the Lord. We have to remember His promises and love for you is not based on your worthiness it’s based on a covenant. Do whatever it takes to keep your focus forward and upward. 

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