Should Believers Become Rich?

By Nicola Smith Jackson

This reflection inspired this week’s series on Power Start Your Day. If you missed any episodes I encourage you to go back and listen in your spare time. This series could drastically change what your next months, quarters, years and even your golden years could look like. You have to take care of today but also prepare for the years where you won’t be able to move as fast as you can now. I’m also pretty certain you won’t probably even hear my voice in the capacity as you are hearing now.  It’s time to end the tussle with the little voice inside of you that’s been suppressing your gifts and dreams and pursuit of true Freedom. 

In this series I asked the question “ Should Believers Become Rich?” You would be surprised to know many people would opt for the answer and say NO that’s not what you should pursue. I’ve had enough conversations to conclude that some people believe rich people do bad things or they don’t love God.  I’ve also seen people use this thought process as a way to exclude themselves from paying the price to change their thinking and habits around money. The truth is riches will never only consist of money but money can help you with better life experiences. 

I know this a touchy subject even more so with Christians. Don’t get it twisted, there definitely are some contradictions that have reigned prevalent in the church for ages around this and I want to talk about it. Should you become rich or not? It’s a decision that you and only you can make. God has given us the option, total autonomy and authority for the opportunities and yet many still only see obstacles.  Just know if you are one who see more obstacles in this fruitful era it will threaten your future of greatness. 

I will not judge a person’s decision if they don’t acquire financial riches.  However Believers should never be a burden to their families, communities, government or economy.  They should be contributing value . Just the same no one should judge a Believer for the ambition to become rich if it’s their desire. Like anything else, it’s about intentions , priorities and use of money.  This can get sticky but remember , money can only take on the persona of its owner. My prayer for you is that this article and series help you to realize that you deserve to be richer in every area of life . This represents fruitfulness and faith .   

 As a person who has experienced many life challenges who also presses towards the promises of God. Pursuing riches with God as my priority I have allowed more time for peace, prayer and prosperity because I don’t have to trade time for money anymore. I’ve discovered that it’s a good thing to have more than enough in order to make an impact and help others. 

I’ve gotten so many many messages on how this series help them see some things differently about acquiring riches ! I would love to hear from you as well. Click here for the podcast and please leave me a five star review (:

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