The Raw Truth: What They Don’t Want You to Know About Money

By Nicola Smith Jackson

Did you know making more money is a minor challenge compared to when you make money without proper instructions of what to do with it after you get it?

This is a problem that many are unwilling to admit. When you don’t know what to do with money a myriad of emotional and financial problems arise. It could make you feel embarrassed, guilty or inadequate. This could also lead to insecurities and emotional spending or detrimental decisions around your finances. This is exactly why I am writing to you today. It doesn’t have to be this way for you or anyone for that matter.

The last thing I want is for you to have is negativity about money because those emotions lead to lack versus a positive attitude or action to correct any past money mistakes. Plus don’t feel bad, this wasn’t taught in schools or college for that matter nor  to our parents. Even with all that is still does not excuse any of us from learning about money today. If we don’t make this a focus of priority there will be no progression for our next generation.  

Trust me, I had to learn a lot of this through my many obstacles which became opportunities to discover the answers to questions I didn’t know to ask and solutions to problems I didn’t know I had. Nonetheless, many of my money burdens have become blessings to so many people. So forgive yourself (like I did) of past money mistakes and commit to bouncing back to build your wealth.

Some of the main discoveries I made about money was that there are distinct differences between Financial Literacy, Financial Intelligence and Financial Intuition. Here’s the just of what I learned:

  • Financial Literacy is defined as the ability to use knowledge and skills to make and manage money or the use of other financial resources effectively for lifetime financial security. 
  • Financial Intelligence is knowing that you can never labor to wealth you must leverage.  It’s being smart enough to multiply the money you make by investing in various indexes, industries, commodities and currencies.  As well as investing expert or professional guidance to save on taxes and maximize opportunities of the current era.
  • Financial Intuition is being courageous enough to exercise wisdom and wealth principles as a discipline. To be spiritually and  mentally resourceful to ask, seek and knock on doors and find out what is not being told or shared with you (even from the experts).  

Whether you believe in reading the Bible regularly or not (I am not here to judge because I didn’t always either). I want you to know there are many timeless gems available to you in there. I have leveraged the knowledge and experiences of the men and women in the Bible to help me make decisions for my life, money and business that has made me millions throughout the years . I have used Financial Intuition as well. I have listened and  followed the “whisper” or “gut feeling” based on the principles and teachings of The Bible. Which by the way, many times does not align with what you hear or see mainstream teaching. It’s not always easy to do this but it has definitely panned out for the better. I now have more time with God, family and am able to still kick but in business. 

Simply put, just because the masses are doing something to create wealth does not mean it’s the right thing for you or your values. Knowing the distinctions is what will count in the long run. This has taken me down non traditional paths to create wealth many times.  

I want to encourage more of these conversations to normalize wealth building for anyone who wants it including teaching children about money early. It’s never too early or late to start working on their finances. This will give the next generation the confidence and courage to build their own dreams wiser and faster.  

We dived deeper on these topics in the Multiply Your Moolah Blueprint Challenge.  Don’t worry if you missed it, the replays are in our Power Moves Group on Facebook.  Feel free to join the fun and share with anyone you feel would benefit from learning more about money and wealth the Kingdom Way!

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