Let your Soul Own your Goals

Did you know although we have a big house, nice cars and money that isn’t what makes us rich? It’s our faith and experiences with family and friends. Fancy facades and fake friends will never make the cut for me. When you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, then your soul can own your goal. 

Everyone deserves the right and access to more money and happiness

I want to share a mistake I was making for years not even knowing it was sabotaging my opportunity for massive achievement and happiness in life, business and money. I didn’t have a prosperity perspective.

I have also noticed this same pattern in so many people I have coached over the years as well. You might not even believe you have this challenge or understand the necessity of this way of thinking. If you don’t acquire a prosperity perspective you more than likely will not survive in this new economy. 

This is not a warning. It’s a promise.

We talked about this a lot in the Multiply Your Moolah Blueprint Challenge. So if you missed it, don’t worry! The replays are in our Power Moves Group on Facebook.  Feel free to join the fun and share with anyone you feel would benefit from learning more about money and wealth the Kingdom Way.

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