Get Unstuck with M.U.D (Money, Undervalue & Distractions)

By Nicola Smith Jackson

This has been a busy but beautiful and productive week. We talked about how to get unstuck with M.U.D (Money, Undervalue & Distractions) on the last leading to the last Power Start Your Day Podcast as we know it. We are not going away forever but God is doing a new thing with me, with us!  This is a topic that everyone needs to be aware of because if blind sided you could potentially miss your calling and not have near the amount of success that God wants for you. In the Bible Jeremiah [29:11] reminds us that He wants you to be massively successful and happy, this was the plan before being formed in your mother’s womb. Then why aren’t many more believers successful and happy? 

I am sure you have seen and heard all sorts of strategies, shortcuts, etc. of how to earn more money, build a successful life, business or even how to become a millionaire. I’m not saying that these strategies or tactics don’t work. I am saying the core of your success strategy boils down to who you become. Who you become boils down to your beliefs and this has everything to do with the moves you make or the opportunities you don’t take. 

If you don’t review and reflect on your beliefs you can get stuck… Maybe you are asking how long you will be stuck? The answer is… for as long as you want to be. The TRUTH is God will never override your will because He gave you the Power and Authority to make decisions. The experiences you are having right now is only a compilation of those decisions. It does not matter what subject we are talking about. It’s how or what decisions you make determines your outcomes.  

Getting Unstuck with M.U.D is about knowing God’s Promises, Leveraging Principles and Adjusting Priorities concerning Money, Undervalue and Distractions. Let’s dive a little deeper. 

Money- Money will continue to be a mystery if you don’t know what or how God intended for us with it . Money is simply an exchange for what someone else considers valuable to them . There is only one place money comes from… people. The TRUTH IS everyone has value to offer so everyone has what it takes to earn money. The challenge is when you are more concerned about getting money vs. people or discovering what value you should bring to the marketplace. The focus should always be what your ideal client considers valuable to them. If you don’t identify and develop these things you will always have “money problems “.  Also, if you don’t take the money you earn and deposit it as investments to grow assets vs spending it on liabilities you will always have to look for ways to make more money instead of becoming fruitful and multiplying resources as God commanded us in Genesis Chapter [1:28].

Not knowing the best things to do with money is more common than most care to admit. It’s not always or only about excessive shopping or buying flashy cars. Honestly there is nothing wrong with that if your financial priorities have been taken care of and they are purchased from your business or passive streams of income where they can be tax smart purchases. Many people don’t take that route when it comes to money . I was one of those people at one time, before I understood more about mastering money vs money being my master. 

I would literally borrow money to fix up my house, go shopping, vacation or purchases without a clear purpose of growing money or accelerating financial status. That was well over 25 years ago at the time of writing this article. I was earning the money but I dreamed of the day where I could stop having to watch the bank account with uncertainty of how to increase it without so much labor and time away from my family. I was able to enjoy the money I earned. 

I had to review my beliefs regularly and decide whose report about finances did I really believe? One’s past experiences or even one’s current success, both could be enemies to the new and true success that God wants you to have. Remembering faith, humility, constant learning is a sure way to honor and grow in God’s way.

Undervalue. God said He has no respect of person.  He created everyone with value built on the inside of them. That includes you! These gifts deposited in you set you up to dominate resources including dollars.  Instead of this perspective many allow their past experiences to deter them from the opportunity of growing their gifts.  This ultimately allow one to bring value and increase influence and impact in their industries. The bottom line is, the fastest and best way to discover and increase your value is to become an investor. I’ve heard so many people during my mentorship coaching career say “I want to invest but I don’t know where to start”. The first place you should always invest is where you are most familiar. With this being said many overlook investing into themselves via education and/or community where they can better themselves. Human beings are Gods highest commodity so investing in yourself and others are the first place to invest. This will shift your perspective on who and what is valuable and make it much easier to decide on other investments.  When you realize that you are more valuable to God than the sun , moon and stars it becomes a no-brainer to invest your money into yourself regularly then implement what you learn. When you begin to know your value and the value of others your priorities and things you place the most value on today will more than likely change for the betterment of your future. 

Distractions. We have to be aware of distractions because it can become a total detour to experiencing the best and abundance of life.  At the end of the day, you’ll never move past, get over any distraction you haven’t first identified who or what they are. Having a clear plan and purpose for each day is a game changer to reduce or even eliminate distraction.  The Power Moves Planner is a simple and easy way to control your day. When you are in control of your day you are more productive and profitable with your time , talent and treasure. Remember, whatever is not measured is more than likely wasted. 

Knowing what your priorities are, has everything to do with reaching goals.  Your priorities are defining every decision you make. Your decisions shape how you live, where you invest your money and ultimately the fate of your future. Let’s get a hold of your distractions. After all, it’s a main factor that distinguishes between those who are successful and those who are not. This shapes who you become. And who you become is determined by what you believe. What you believe determines your actions, and your actions, your results. Decide that you want a life of many rewards instead of a life with many regrets. 

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