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I have been a driving force in the women’s entrepreneurship movement for nearly 30 years and through my work as an entrepreneur and investor, I’m proof to the business world that success is not only about having the right skills and talents – it is also about using those abilities to create positive change for others.

This is why I started the PINK Millionaire Wealth Builder Boutique. It’s a space where entrepreneurs can come to learn, connect and implement with others while getting the support they need for lasting success. The Boutique offers swag, resources, courses, and memberships that are designed to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and reach their goals.

The Grand Opening celebration was a great success! The giant LED screen at the New Black Wall Street Market was the perfect place to celebrate this milestone in the PINK Millionaire’s Prosperity Path. Attendees had the opportunity to meet me and learn more about the services and swag NOW AVAILABLE at the Boutique. 

When it comes to the business and finance world… It can be a ruthless, competitive place. But luckily, you don’t have to go it alone. With the services and resources offered in the Wealth Builder Boutique, you can gain the skills you need to create impact in your finances and influence in your industry or career. Not only will you learn how to invest wisely and build up your personal brand, but you’ll also learn how to incorporate self-care and habits of highly effective entrepreneurs into your daily routine. It’s a holistic approach to business that will allow you to build wealth without sacrificing quality time with the ones you love – including yourself.

I am committed to creating a space where women entrepreneurs can come learn, network and grow. Visit us in the New Black Wall Street Market in Stonecrest, Georgia and let me help YOU build your Empire.


P.S.: If you missed the Grand Opening, make sure you catch up with us at our upcoming Power & Money Conference. It’s definitely going to be an epic event. Get your Early Bird Tickets and book your hotel room today and become an authentic impact influencer. Gain the knowledge you need to make smart money moves for yourself and your loved ones. Learn more here about this life-changing event!


I look forward to seeing you,

Dame Nicola.

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