Are Your Days Wrapped Up In Profitable Things?

By Nicola Smith Jackson

“Time Will Not Wait On Anyone to Get It Together” – Dame Nicola Smith Jackson

Did you know there are 86,400 seconds in a single day?  Many people do not realize just how much time they have to make their goals a reality. Most 30-second commercials are enough to convince you to spend money.  So, imagine what could happen if you started making the most of every second .. not just for your professional life but your personal life as well. 

How you use your time is vital to your results and life. What you are experiencing now is one of the reasons why I am driven to make changes and move quickly in my business. I know all too well that time will not wait on anyone to get it together.  It keeps moving and you cannot recover the time you have lost.  This could not be more true in today’s society.  You must be ready to take advantage of opportunities at a moment’s notice.

I created the Power Moves Planner because I saw so many of my clients and team members struggling with planning out their day.  So I decided to share the same system that I use, which focuses on Income Producing Activities (IPAs).  It’s most important that you focus on the money and not stray away from it.  As the CEO of your business, it’s one of the most important responsibilities you will have.  So, the number one question you must ask yourself when reviewing your calendar is “Are my days wrapped up in profitable things?”.

Here are 5 Income Producing Activities (IPAs) you should consider focusing on daily to ensure you use your days effectively in order to get better results:

1) Sales/Income Goals

It’s important to set your sales goals and then know exactly how many customers/clients it will take to accomplish the goal.  This allows you to set milestones, challenge yourself, and have clarity.

2) Lead Generation

Sales can’t take place without leads and you can’t have leads without a leads generation system.  So, it’s important to decide on how you will attract others to what you have to offer and then decide on the tools you will use to do it.  There are several popular tools online today including apps like, and

3) Effective Communication

Building trust with your prospects and your current customers/clients should be a priority.  To do this you should have a communications system in place that includes weekly email or text, Facebook Lives, free training to show your expertise, and a customer service system in place to handle questions and inquiries. 

4) Delivery of your product/service

Making sure you have a smooth delivery system of your product or service is vital in gaining the trust of your customers/clients and repeat business.  It’s also one of the most important steps in getting good testimonials and building loyalty.

5) Follow Up

Show me a business that does not follow up and I’ll show you a business that is losing money and failing.  A good follow-up system is a cornerstone of business success.  Whether you are following up with an inquirer or a current customer/client, make sure you have a process in place and reminders set to prevent things from “falling through the cracks”.  

Each morning, make sure you review your 8-8-8 Cash Calendar along with your Daily Schedule to ensure that you have identified what’s priority and profitable.  Remember, “Time will not wait on anyone to get it together”.

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