3 Reasons You Should Become A Millionaire

By Nicola Smith Jackson

At one point and time becoming a millionaire seemed like a far fetched dream.  However, having the right mentor, tools and resources will help you to set the right foundation and start you on your way.  When I was an overworked hairstylist that’s was the tone of thought for many during the 2008 financial crash.  I just refused to believe that and began to create my wealth and legacy, instead of focusing on the negative of what was happening.  I turned my focus into gratitude for the season and rechanneled my work ethics into an industry that later created my first million.

Instead of us focusing on a ton of consumer activity and let’s focus and invest more on personal and professional growth.  We must use this to being more productive and creating our empires from home.  No matter the economy’s challenges or governmental restrictions.  You. must find a way to still create an income!  As a matter of fact, I just did a workbook which is part of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday special.

I recently started on my latest book, Your First Million From Scratch™.  It’s so good, I decided to let some of the “cat out of the bag” along with some of the training from our  Virtual Power and Money Conference.  People so need the truth to know that they can become a millionaire.  At one time, it probably seemed for many as a pipe dream.  But today in the 21st century it’s possible for anyone.  I believe everyone should add this to their bucket list, but do it sooner so you can enjoy the fruit of your labor.

In the book, I’ll be sharing principles, strategies and techniques that you can implement to develop a money mindset and set the foundation to Create Your First Million From Scratch!  So, if you’ve been thinking that being a millionaire is for someone else not you  – think again!

Below are three reasons you should consider Creating Your First Million today!

1. Due to inflation the dollar isn’t worth what it used to be.

From 10 years ago the dollar is worth around 84 cents today…If we went back to 1970 if you had 1 million back then it’s worth over 5 million now … life is just more expensive now.

2) Millennials will need 2 Million to Retire …. Never too early to think about that …. with the job market changing we have to get aggressive with income generation savings and investment

3) You can give back like you want to.  Giving back and making others happy Contribution one highest Spiritual needs for a human when people don’t feel they have contributed it’s hard to feel that you are value

BTW: Here a link to get your copy of the First Million From Scratch Guide, Workbook and Webinar.  It’s 75% off for a limited time!  Click to purchase now!

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